Global and Development Studies

Available as a Minor in:

Any program

Social Sciences

What is Global and Development Studies?

Global and Development Studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines the interplay of global and local change. The program encourages students to identify the factors that threaten or enhance the development of healthy local communities, of regional, national and international strategies abroad and in Canada.

Students can participate in and observe a variety of international or Canadian communities and community projects. They learn to analyze critically the ecological, political-economic, and socio-cultural impacts of various paradigms of "globalization" and "development" that are shaping our world today. Students gain a better understanding of changes in our world, and begin to develop intellectual and practical skills to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Global and Development Studies at Augustana

Augustana students have the opportunity to participate in experience-based programs in the Canadian north and many international settings including Cuba, India, France, Germany, or Norway. For more information on these opportunities, visit the International Programs pages.

Students can also fulfill all their requirements for the major at the Augustana Campus and the communities surrounding Camrose. All students will develop community-based research skills based on involvement in diverse projects. A key way to understand and affect "the global" is to study the local particularities and communities.

The Global and Development Studies program was designed to familiarize students with the background necessary in order for them to work with the complexities of the world's most pressing problems.