Dr. Glynnis Hood, Professor (Environmental Science)
B.A., University of Victoria
M.Sc., University of Northern British Columbia
Ph.D., University of Alberta

Dr. Hood teaches many courses in Environmental Studies.  Her research areas include freshwater ecology, wildlife management, and parks and protected areas.

Email: glynnis.hood@ualberta.ca
Personal website: http://www.ualberta.ca/augustana/about-us/academic-staff/glynnis-hood/

Dr. Glen Hvenegaard, Professor (Geography)
B.Sc., University of Alberta
M.Sc., University of Alberta
Ph.D., University of Victoria

Dr. Hvenegaard's research interests include conservation, protected areas, ecotourism, environmental studies, and birds of aspen forests.

Email: glen.hvenegaard@ualberta.ca
Personal website: https://www.ualberta.ca/augustana/about-us/academic-staff/glen-hvenegaard

Portrait of Greg KingDr. Greg King -- Assistant Professor (Environmental Science)
B.Sc., Carleton University
M.Sc., Carleton University
Ph.D., Universitat Bern

Dr. King will be teaching AUENV 233: Soil Science and Soil Resources in the Winter 11 semester.  His research interests include dendrochronology, forest ecology, urban ecology and northern ecosystems.

Email: gking@ualberta.ca