Our Augustana Faculty currently offers a minor in geography. Students must also major in another subject area (eg. biology, physical education, history, etc.). The minor in geography is designed to expose students to the breadth of geographical study.

Augustana offers a variety of geography courses, which focus on environmental issues, earth landforms, climate and weather, natural resources, parks and wilderness, and the geography of human activities and culture.

Requirements for the minor

  1. GEO 120 (normally taken in the first year)

  2. 5 other GEO courses (4 of these must be at 200 level or above).

Geography Courses

GEO 120 Human Activities and the Natural Environment
GEO 132/232 Field Physical Geography
GEO 150 Intro to Human Geography
GEO 218 Geographic Information Systems
GEO 230 Geomorphology
GEO 231 Climatology
GEO 242 Geography of Scandinavia
GEO 320 Parks and Wilderness
GEO 324 Resource and Environmental Management
GEO 341 Geography of the Canadian North
GEO 351 Biogeography
GEO 401/402 Directed Studies
GEO 421 Environmental Science: History and Impacts