Career Options

Modern Languages study in German is a valuable and practical asset, and will provide you with an extremely useful communication skill. Studying German literature and culture will permit you to gain new insights into thinking patterns, history and social structure in contemporary life of other peoples.

German studies, especially when combined with another area of study, may lead to a variety of career paths, both in Canada and abroad. Employment opportunities are found in such fields as:

Communications - International advertising, public relations, radio & TV, film making & distribution, writing, translating, publishing.

Business - Import/export, marketing, computers, management, transportation, investment.

Travel industry - agencies, tour companies, cruise lines, airlines.

Government - Social and international agencies at many levels.

Research and education - Libraries, foundations, schools and universities, museums.

    Recent Augustana graduates are using their German language skills in teaching, interpreting, tourism, international business, graduate studies and computers.

    Employment Opportunity on campus:

    Each year we hire senior language students to be Language Lab assistants.