Available as a Minor in:
Any program.

For many, German is a language of commerce, for others a key to music, religious and secular philosophy. Germany is an economic giant within Europe, and German is to a large extent the trade language of the European Union.

Both at home and abroad, modern languages study in German is a valuable and practical asset. The ability to read, comprehend and speak another language will influence your approach to travelling, reading, understanding the political scene and cultivating friendships.

Immersion Opportunities

After one year of university German you are encouraged to participate in the Canadian Summer School in Germany and/or the "Werkstudentenprogramm" as well as various other immersion opportunities. Two exciting programs are the "Waterloo in Germany" 3rd year abroad program, and Augustana's exchange with the University of Magdeburg.

German Links

Augustana's German Club

A student run club that arranges a variety of extra-curricular events throughout the year. These events - including film evenings, an annual Advent celebration and outings to the opera in Edmonton - are open to all students, faculty, and staff.