Exercise Physiology Lab

The Augustana Exercise Physiology Laboratory is located on the ground floor of the Edgeworth Centre (Room 1204) and was designed to provide an experiential learning opportunity for undergraduate students studying in Physical Education at the Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta.

The laboratory can also serve as a Centre for Research in the areas of health, fitness and sport performance.

The exercise physiology lab and staff can support programs of the Fitness Centre and Healthy Living Centre to develop a healthier community and develop role models for physical literacy.

We can provide a variety of fitness, performance and health assessments for:

  • the general public
  • local, provincial, or national athletic teams
  • local schools and sport academies
  • elite amateur athletes and teams
  • occupational tasks


  • state of the art metabolic measurement system (Parvo Medics) for exercise testing and resting metabolic measurements
  • blood lactate analysis
  • a variety of body composition assessment techniques
  • a variety of exercise testing ergometers (cycle ergometers and a treadmill)


Coordinator - Gary Snydmiller.
2-306 Faith & Life Centre

Phone: 780.679.1141
Fax: 780.679.1129
Email: gds@ualberta.ca