Anthropometric and Body Composition Measures

Assess and monitor health risk and changes in body composition before, during and after initiation of a lifestyle, fitness or training program.

  • HeightSkin fold test
  • Weight
  • Waist and hip girths
  • Skin fold thicknesses - measurement of the thickness of subcutaneous adipose tissue (fat lying directly under the skin) is the most widely used method for determining body composition.
  • Bioelectrical impedance (BIA) - is a rapid, noninvasive method of assessing body composition where a low level electrical current is passed through the body to assess body fatness.

Aerobic Fitness

  • Aerobic fitnessVO2 max Testing (Treadmill or Cycle Ergometer) - The individual will perform an exercise test of increasing intensity while ventilation, gas exchange variables and heart rate will be monitored. Duration to test 1 individual = 30 minutes.
  • Blood Lactate - The VO2max test above could also incorporate blood lactate assessment that would allow for assessment of lactate threshold (LT) and specific target heart rates.
  • Astrand Submaximal Cycle Ergometer Test - a predictive assessment of VO2max from the heart rate response to selected power outputs on a cycle ergometer. Blood pressure response can also be measured.
  • Leger 20 m Shuttle Run (Field Test) - This test predicts VO2max. This test can be used to test a large group of individuals at once (can do approximately 15 people at a time in the gym) and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Anaerobic Power

  • Blood pressureWingate 30 s Anaerobic Power Test - completed on a Monark anaerobic power bike (Model 894E) with Monark software. This test will give Peak Power in Watts and Watts/kg, Mean Power in Watts and Watts/kg, and Fatigue Index in % (power drop off). It takes about 5 minutes to test one individual (warm-up, test, and cool-down).
  • Vertical Jump - Measure vertical jump height and the calculation of jump power (based on jump height and weight).
  • Other possible assessments include sport or task specific fatigue tests, agility runs and sprints.

Muscular strength, power and endurance:

  • Push-ups or Bench Press Test - measure of muscular endurance of the chest, shoulder and triceps.
  • Sit-ups - performed to a metronome (set so that the person performs 25 sit-ups per minute). The person must perform the sit-up with the knees flexed, feet un-held and follow strict rules on the correct performance of the sit-up.
  • Hand Grip Strength - measure of forearm muscular strength with a hand grip dynamometer.

Other Measures

  • ChronometerFlexibility - sit and reach - assesses lower back and hamstring extensibility.
  • Other flexibility measures - in consultation with the client or coach based on specific need.
  • A variety of tests involving the treadmill or cycle ergometer (exercise efficiency or economy).
  • Biochemical analysis of blood lactate.


There are various prices for certain assessments but the assessment package can be customized to the client's needs. Please contact Gary Snydmiller at 780-679-1141 (office) for more information.