Program Information

Major in Physical Education, Kinesiology & Sport Studies

  • 9 credits in AUPAC (Physical Activity courses)
  • AUPED 112 and 160
  • AUPED 215
  • AUPED 314
  • AUPED 393, 462, and 493
  • 6 credits from AUPED 220, 232, 251, 343
  • 6 credits from AUPED 184, 262, 290, 368, 369, 469
  • 6 additional senior credits in Physical Education

Within the course selection above, no more than 18 junior credits in Physical Activity and Physical Education courses combined.

Minor in Physical Education

  • AUPED 112
  • 3 credits in AUPAC (Physical Education Activity)
  • 15 additional credits in Physical Education, including at least 12 at the senior level

For course listings and descriptions, please review the Physical Education course descriptions in the Academic Calendar.

Learning Outcomes

The courses in the Physical Education stream of Kinesiology and Sport Studies engage students in the study of human physical activity across the life span. We are committed to creating emerging leaders who will assist in improving the lives of others by ensuring access to physical activity opportunities for individuals and diverse groups. We are dedicated to fostering inquiry, collaboration, and engagement in physical activity, sport performance and health-related settings.

A graduate of the Kinesiology and Sport Studies stream in Physical Education:

Demonstrates a depth of knowledge by:

  • understanding the concepts and theories of human movement from a variety of scientific, social, and cultural perspectives
  • recognizing and appreciating the interdisciplinary nature of the study of kinesiology, sport, health and physical activity

Effectively communicates by:

  • using clear, concise, and effective written, oral, visual and electronic communication techniques to foster inquiry, collaboration, and engagement in movement, sports and health-related settings

Utilizes the ability to think critically by:

  • evaluating the quality and credibility of information related to kinesiology, health, sport, and physical education
  • thinking creatively and asking questions related to issues in human movement studies

Understands how to use of a wide variety of research methods to solve problems related to physical activity, sports and health by:

  • applying both qualitative and quantitative analyses in order to propose solutions and interventions for problems and issues in kinesiology, sport and health
  • selecting appropriate research designs for seeking knowledge regarding questions in human movement studies