Law, Crime and Justice Studies

The study of Law, Crime and Justice explores the relationship between law, politics and society, and between individuals and the state. Students can explore the role of crime in society, criminal behaviour, the historical evolution of the law, and the ways in which law and crime are connected to issues of social justice and inequality.

Why study Law, Crime and Justice at Augustana?

Our multi-disciplinary approach provides students with a variety of ways to explore the law, crime, and justice, without sacrificing a deep understanding of a wide-ranging experience. The focus of this degree gives students a deep understanding of the law, crime, and justice and the ways in which they interact and prepares students for a wide variety of future careers. Central to our degree is a focus on gender, class, and ethnicity; understanding how these factors relate to law, crime, and inequality is crucial for addressing the major issues facing the Canadian criminal justice system today. Not only do our students develop expertise in the area, but the many opportunities they are given to put their knowledge into practice ensures that students will leave this program with a set of skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

What disciplines make up this major?

A venn diagram with "Law, Crime and Justice Studies" in the middle, a "Criminology & Sociology" bubble on top, a "Psychology" bubble on the right, a "Political Studies" bubble on the bottom and a "History" bubble to the left.

Criminology & Sociology

Examine topics related to crime, deviance, and social control, in courses like:

  • Crime, Corrections & Community
  • Young Offenders and the Law
  • Studies in Deviant Behaviour
  • Crimes of the Powerful


Examine topics related to law, history, and justice in a Canadian and international context, in courses like:

  • Women in Canadian Society
  • Study of Canadian History
  • Genocide

Political Studies

Examine topics related to politics, society, and power dynamics, in courses like:

  • Gender and Politics
  • Politics and Culture
  • Democracy and Dictatorship
  • Politics and Culture


Examine topics related to human behaviour, mental health, and profiling, in courses like:

  • Personality
  • Social Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Intimate Relationships & Human Sexuality

What career path is this major suited for?

This program provides an excellent foundation for law school or for a master's degree in social work. Students will also be prepared for careers in the criminal justice system and other areas, including

  • working with prison populations
  • probation officers
  • entering the police force or RCMP
  • social work
  • government work
  • non-profit organizations
  • law school
  • other pre-professional studies