Mathematics & Physics

Available as a Major in:
Bachelor of Arts and
Bachelor of Science programs.

Available as a Minor in:

Any program.


Every day we are surrounded by math and physics. Mathematics has been termed the queen of the sciences because it is the principal language in which natural scientists communicate. Physics is the most fundamental of all the natural sciences because it deals with the laws that govern all processes in the natural world and the particles from which all matter in the natural world is made.

Unlike most universities that offer separate degrees in mathematics and/or physics, Augustana is one of the few places where a student can earn a combined degree in the two disciplines.

At Augustana, the class sizes are small, and the priority of the professor is to teach his or her students - to the point that many professors are available after class for any extra help.

All of Augustana's programs are offered in a liberal arts setting. After earning your degree, you won't just have an education in mathematics and physics, but also have an education that allows you to understand and live in contemporary society.