Modern Languages

Program Information

A Unique, Two-Language Major

Augustana Faculty's Modern Languages program is unique, not only in the combining two of our four languages / areas, but also in engaging in immersion experiences in at least two languages (unique in Canada).

In this two-language major, students take a variety of language, literature, and culture courses, in which they develop their skills as communicators, thinkers, and researchers. Values of inclusivity, diversity, and respect for others is at the core of this program.

Classroom scene from Augustana with Instructor Ingrid Urberg and 3 studentsStudents in Cuba on an immersion exchange, in a conga dance line

The Modern Languages major enhances and supports all academic disciplines, making it an ideal choice for pairing with other majors or minors such as physical education, history, political studies, economics, music or science. It also offers many added benefits including studies in business language, women's studies, applied stylistics and translation techniques.

Extra-Curricular Language Activities on Campus

Students working in a small study groupNorwegian language students at Norwegian Lunch in the Forum

Weekly language lunches and language clubs provide students with opportunities to experience the languages and cultures in informal settings.The Modern Languages Program gives senior language students the opportunity to assist other students in their language learning by working in the language lab.

Learning Outcomes

The Modern Languages Program and its immersion components / programs are designed to assist you in:

  • acquiring communicative competency in writing, speaking, oral comprehension, and reading in your target languages
  • developing enhanced intercultural awareness and understanding
  • developing broader perspectives which assist in breaking down cultural barriers
  • thinking critically about cultural stereotypes
  • learning through a broad range of enjoyable activities and methods
  • conducting research from the personal to societal levels
  • revisiting constructions of identity
  • building communities on campus and beyond
  • opening doors to other cultures and a wide variety of jobs. (Languages are keys to doors - many of which you don't even know about yet).

A young manAugustana students preparing to perform a play based on Old Norse mythology

Program Requirements

For specific information about the Modern Languages program requirements and courses, please review Augustana's sections of the current Academic Calendar, available on-line and in PDF format.