Music Alumni and Supporters

A warm greeting to all of our visitors, including our over 150-strong music alumni from when Augustana became a degree-granting college in 1985 to Augustana's most recent incarnation as a faculty of the University of Alberta! 

Former students of Augustana include internationally acclaimed baritone Nathan Berg,  classical pianist Susan Ward, and Vancouver'smusica intima soprano Siri Olesen.  In addition, a number of Augustana graduates have distinguished themselves as public school educators throughout Western Canada. 

We invite all of you to keep in touch with us;  along with the many changes which are occurring at Augustana, the music faculty want to ensure a lasting relationship with former students and supporters.  You are the foundation upon which we are growing and you remain part of our lives and collective memory. 

Drop us a line, send us an email;  we'd love to hear from you!  In addition, we encourage you to visit the Alumni Office website to assist you in finding and keeping in touch with former classmates.

Our Supporters

All music departments, whether they are publicly- or privately-owned, require the generous support of donors to provide instruments, facilities, guest recital and masterclass series, and library resources.  And now we get to brag;  here's what Augustana supporters have done over the past few years:

  • renovated practice facilities (paint, carpet, maintenance).
  • donated brand new grand pianos and electronic pianos.
  • financed guest artist series and masterclass series.
  • supported the Augustana Choir.
  • purchased musical instruments and software.
  • assisted in the promotion of Augustana (advertizing).
  • provided monies to support faculty and student CD projects, which in turn provide monies to support choral, keyboard, and vocal programs.
  • established the position of Cantor (music director) for the Campus Ministry Program and Music.

Where would we be without this generosity?  Certainly, we would not have a Bachelor of Music program and we would not have the larger student numbers we have today.  Thank you to those individuals and families who have supported us with such generosity and belief in what we do.