Augustana Choir

A strong choral tradition at the University of Alberta Augustana Campus dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Currently under the direction of Dr. John Wiebe, The Augustana Choir is considered to be one of Western Canada’s most successful undergraduate university choirs. The Augustana Choir studies and performs a wide variety of quality choral literature drawn from all musical periods and styles, including recent compositions and commissions.

The Augustana Choir has a number of recordings. Thanks to the generous support of the University of Alberta President's Fund for the Creative & Performing Arts, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Battle River Community Foundation, Idegen orszagban: In a Foreign Land is a live compilation recording that documents The Augustana Choir's extraordinary study and performance tour to Hungary in May 2012.

An active touring tradition has led The Augustana Choir to perform satisfying concerts for local, national, and international audiences. In May 2014 The Augustana Choir was honoured to accept an invitation to perform at Podium 2014, the national choral conference of Choral Canada.


Students who successfully audition for the The Augustana Choir, and who are eligible to receive student awards, will receive a choral scholarship from a total pool of $17,000.