Program Information

Augustana Faculty offers:

Any student wanting to register as a B.A. Music Major, Minor, or B.Mus. student needs to print, complete, and submit a music questionnaire by email to The music questionnaire: Form (PDF)

For specific information on requirements for these programs, please review Augustana's sections of the current Academic Calendar, available on-line and in PDF format.


Learning Outcomes

Emphasizing the need for both traditional and twenty-first century perspectives, Music at Augustana offers students a broad musical education inspired both by links within music disciplines and by interdisciplinary links between music and other subjects. This educational philosophy enables our graduates to distinguish themselves as scholars, artists, teachers and citizens.

Scholars. Our students:

  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and independent thinking that takes them both within and outside of the borders of Music as a discipline.
  • Make efficient and effective use of printed, audio-visual, digital and online sources of information.
  • Communicate skillfully in written, spoken, visual, and new media forms.
  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of the history of the Western European art tradition, including within Canada.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with and appreciation of other traditions of music making, including those within indigenous, jazz, popular, world and other categories.
  • Demonstrate basic skills related to the analysis and composition of music within the Western European art tradition.
  • Exhibit general abilities in conducting, musicianship (aural, sight singing, and keyboard skills) and teaching (for those specializing in choral conducting, piano, or voice).

Artists. Our students:

  • Demonstrate transformation as instrumentalists, vocalists, and/or ensemble musicians, including those students with little or no previous training.
  • Display (For Piano and Voice majors) advanced levels of artistic judgement, confidence, musicality, stage presence, and technique.

Citizens. Our students:

  • Contribute meaningfully to society at local, national, and international levels.
  • Apply music-related knowledge, skills, creativity, and vision in both music and non-music professions.
  • Advocate for music performance, appreciation, training, and literacy in urban centres as well as in rural settings such as where Augustana is located.