Who is eligible?

Choral scholarships are awarded to full-time students who exhibit high degrees of musicianship, potential for success and vocal ability within a choral setting. A number of scholarships are available, ranging in amounts typically from $300.00 to $900.00. New students should complete the Application for Awards and Financial Aid by June 1st, making sure to check off “choral” under "Augustana Specific Fine Arts Performance Grants"

How Do I Audition?

In early September auditions are scheduled for The Augustana Choir. New and returning students sign up for an audition time either online in August, or in-person at the Fine Arts bulletin board in the Faith and Life Lounge during registration in early September. After choral auditions are finished, choral scholarship amounts will be determined.

What Are the Audition Requirements?

The audition will consist of the following elements:

  1. performance of a song of your own choice (preferably an art song or folk song)
  2. demonstration of vocal range and timbre
  3. quick study piece
  4. sight reading and ear tests

Do Returning Students Have To Audition?

Yes. All students - first year and returning - wishing membership in The Augustana Choir and seeking a choral scholarship will need to audition. Returning students should submit an Augustana Awards and Financial Aid Application by April 30th, indicating their interest in a choral scholarship, and then sign up for an audition time. Returning students will receive a choral scholarship pending a successful audition each year and full time status in the previous and current academic year. See above, How Do I Audition?

How Do I Receive My Scholarship Money?

A student must first accept an award or scholarship in Bear Tracks, after which the scholarship monies will be credited to the student’s tuition account, [one-half by the end of fall term, and one-half after the add/drop deadline date in the winter term].  A student must enrol in and continue in private piano studies for the full academic year. (Note: In the event you do not maintain full-time registration status, or satisfy the conditions of the award, your award value may be reduced and you may be required to repay all or a portion of the award funds you have received).