Philosophy & Religion

Available as a Major in:
              Bachelor of Arts program.

Available as a Minor in:
              Any program.

The program enables students to get a breadth of understanding of how the human search for meaning is interwoven into human cultures and societies. It offers students an exciting exposure to the central themes of Christianity, the diversity of the world's religions, and the ways in which philosophers answer the great questions of life.

Students will normally include 3 credits of cross-cultural immersion experiences as offered in various study-abroad courses.  See our International program offerings in order to have an experiential and reflective understanding of diverse cultures.

Distinctive Elements

  • faculty are dedicated to excellence in teaching
  • small classes allow for individual attention; professors become acquainted with their students
  • well structured lectures mixed with classroom discussion, debates, student presentations, films, and guest speakers
  • learning within a cooperative and open atmosphere of appreciation for difference and diversity of worldviews and cultural values
  • emphasis is given to intellectual, personal, and spiritual development as well as responsible action in human society and the natural world