Political Studies

Available as an Area of Study in the Law, Crime, and Justice Studies Major or the Ethics and Global Studies Major in:

Bachelor of Arts

Available as a Minor in:

Any program

Social Sciences

What is Political Studies?

Politics concerns a vast number of topics central to our lives as individuals and citizens. Political studies refers to the systematic inquiry into political issues, ideas, institutions and processes, ranging from the distribution of power between states, governments and groups, to the exploration of basic questions about democracy, freedom, equality and representation.

Why study politics at Augustana?

Intense, research-focused education:

Political studies majors engage in courses aimed at building their research, critical thinking, argumentation and presentation skills. Our best students are hired as research assistants who provide support for faculty research. In order to produce excellent research skills among our students, we require them to take the following courses:

AUIDS 100 introduces students to inquiry in the social sciences. Focused on a wicked problem, students learn how to ask and answer questions, and develop a research problem.

AUPOL 200 introduces students to research methods. They get hands-on experience doing different types of research, providing an excellent foundation for senior level courses.

AUPOL 300 enables students to delve further into the discipline of political studies and build a research proposal, starting them on the road to conducting independent, original research and better understanding their role as citizens.

AUPOL 400 offers students the opportunity to unify their learning experience at Augustana and conduct original research, providing them with an excellent representation of their skills and abilities for grad school and job applications

Hands on, experiential, international learning:

Many of our students take advantage of the excellent opportunities at Augustana to take learning outside of the traditional classroom. Why not spend a term at a university in Cuba, learning Spanish and studying politics? Or study Indian or Chinese politics and economics, then finish the course with a trip to the place you've studied? Compete in an international Model UN in New York or Washington! You can finish with a political internship, receiving course credit and job experience working for a political party or non-profit organization.

Critical approaches:

The political studies program at the Augustana campus of UAlberta utilizes an engaged approach to studying politics. Professors are committed to social justice and combine their teaching and research with their work in communities in Alberta, Canada and the world. We aim to create links between theory and the everyday practices of real people, providing students with a diverse framework for learning and political engagement. Our faculty studied at universities across Canada, in the USA, France and Sweden. We have worked with organizations and universities in Cuba, Germany, India, Europe and South Africa. We bring our work, knowledge and experiences to our classrooms, providing students with an education that reaches far beyond rural Alberta.