Program Information

Political Science is an area of study in Augustana's Law, Crime, & Justice Studies and Ethics & Global Studies programs.

Our students are competent researchers, who can:

  • Formulate a research question and thesis
  • Develop an appropriate method for answering that question
  • Conduct independent research using a variety of sources, tools and mediums
  • Synthesize and analyze the existing literature on the subject
  • Construct a convincing, logical and evidence-based argument

Our students are effective communicators, who can:

  • Communicate their results effectively through a variety of mediums, which may include written reports and essays; electronic, digital and visual mediums; and through oral presentations
  • Work with groups of their peers
  • Articulate and defend their position within class discussions

Our students are critical thinkers, who can:

  • Read, evaluate, assess and compare a variety of types of sources and evidence
  • Utilize different lenses/approaches within political science to assess political events
  • Construct a convincing, logical and evidence based argument
  • Develop creative answers and solutions to political issues and debates

Our students are engaged citizens, who

  • Understand the social, economic and political context within which they live and work
  • Are aware of political issues
  • Engage in hands-on, practical political work. Our goal is to have every political studies major engage in an activity of this type over the course of their time at Augustana.