Graduate Studies

Graduate studies in psychology provide additional, advanced training in specialized areas of Psychology.

Completing postgraduate studies, also known as a master's program or degree, is a multi-step process, so getting started sooner rather than later is always a good choice. Below is an excellent introduction to what a master's degree is all about and some of the steps involved as well as answers to common questions asked by undergraduate students. The Alberta Learning Information Service website also asks some really great questions when it comes to considering a master's program and school.

If a student is continuing to grad school, it is recommended that they take a directed study or individual studies thesis. Students work under the supervision of a professor and complete their own independent study. This research experience is advantageous on a resume as well as grad school applications. If you are interested in completing an undergraduate thesis or would like more information on what they entail you can contact your professor of interest at any time.

(Note: This is not comprehensive coverage of what a master's degree entails, there are many areas for variation depending on location, degree, and career preference.)

A senior Psychology student presents her thesis research with Dr. Rebecca Purc-Stephenson.


Graduate Schools

Here are some links to different schools that offer different types of Graduate Studies in the field of Psychology:

CPA Graduate Guide: 2010-2011

If you are considering studying abroad, this website is a great gateway that offers specific assistance to Canadian University students:



University of Alberta Graduate Program in Psychology


University of Lethbridge Graduate Studies Program

  • M.A: art, counselling, education, music, nursing, science, etc.
  • Ph.D in Philosophy


University of Calgary

  • M.A: business, education, social work, law, public policy, psychology, etc.
  • Ph.D in clinical psychology


University of Athabasca

  • M.A in Counselling
  • Graduate Certificate in Counselling
  • Post-Masters Certificate in Counselling
  • M.A: arts, business, health, science, education


British Columbia

Adler School of Professional Psychology (Vancouver)

  • M.A: Counselling Psychology, Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy, Organizational Psychology
  • Psy.D in Clinical Psychology


University of British Columbia (Vancouver or Okanagan Campus)

Extensive variety of M.A's and Ph.D's in all areas

  • M.A in Psychology
  • Ph.D in Psychology


University of Victoria

  • Clinical psychology, cognitive/brain science, experimental neuroscience, individualized programs,lifespan development, and social psychology



University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon)

  • Clinical psychology, cognition and neuroscience, applied social psychology, culture, health and human development, educational psychology and special education