Dr. Kierstin Hatt, Associate Professor
B.A., Psychology, Carleton University, 1991
M.A., International Development Studies, Saint Mary's University Halifax, 1993
Ph.D., Sociology, McGill University, 2001

Kierstin's recent courses have involved introductory sociology, social anthropology, sociology of global development, sex, gender and society, and environmental sociology. Her past and current research interests, are multi/inter/trans-disciplinary. In sociology, her core areas are development, gender and environment. She also has an interest in midwifery, travelling and sea kayaking.

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Dr. Geraint B. Osborne, Professor
B.A. (Hons.), Queen's University, 1988
M.A., Queen's University, 1990
Ph.D., Sociology, McGill University, 1998

Geraint's research and teaching interests are in the areas of crime, deviance and social control, political sociology, historical sociology, and qualitative methods. Prior to coming to Augustana, Geraint conducted research for Environment Canada, Canada Post Corporation, Correctional Services Canada and Canadian Heritage. He has authored and co-authored articles and chapters on a variety of topics including, motivations of recreational cannabis users, masculinity and hockey violence, Canadian nationalism, women and war work, and social change in rural areas. His current research projects deal with perceptions of cannabis use by non-using students, the role of professors as public intellectuals in small campus towns, and the historical perception of hockey violence as presented in Canadian newspapers.

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Dr. Tara H. Milbrandt, Assistant Professor
B.A. Sociology, Augustana University College (formerly), Camrose,1993/4
M.A. Sociology, York University, Toronto, 1996
Ph.D. Sociology, York University, Toronto, 2006

Tara teaches in the areas of sociological theory (classical, modern, and contemporary), introductory sociology, and contemporary culture (film, community). Her research explores the intersecting areas of urban life and spatial relations, visual culture, and the negotiated (and contested) borders of public and private life in contemporary society. She is also very interested in visual representation and new media practices. Her current research examines the political dimensions surrounding visual recording in/of shared spaces.

Her extra-curricular interests include street photography, public festivals, live performances, film, soccer and yoga. She is also strongly committed to social justice.

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