Art In Germany


During this 3-week blended tour course to Germany (with one week online & two weeks in Germany), students will consider how art, museums and exhibitions contribute to national histories and identities, as well as debate methods of remembering the past. Topics covered: 1) German National Identity on Museum Island, 19th century to the present; 2) Modernism and Internationalism in Berlin and at the Bauhaus; 3) Remembering the Terrors of the 20th Century in Art and Monuments; 4) Memory, History, Identity and Contemporary Art: Documenta from 1955 to the Present. 

Course Objectives:

  • Students will learn about the history of select art movements and institutions in Germany, including the museums of Berlin’s Museum Island, German Romanticism, German Expressionism and the Bauhaus.
  • Through study of various monuments and memorials, students will analyze and debate the role that art can play in creating and preserving national histories and memories.
  • Through close study of documenta, students will learn about international art fairs and contemporary art, and will examine and debate their social and political functions.
  • Students will gain experience engaging with art in a social setting.