Doing Business in Brazil

Brazil is a land of contrasts. In its vast territory live together the poor and the rich, the black and the white, the believer and the atheist. But Brazil is much more than this. In Brazil these people come together in a full spectrum of colors, rhythms, and culture. If there is a word to define Brazil, this word is syncretism. Brazil is an amalgamation of natives, colonizers, slaves, and immigrants, their beauty, their songs, their customs, their food. Brazil is the eternal land of the future. A place where everything is possible if you know how to use 'jeitinho'. It is a blessed, unique, and resourceful place where everything blossom and everybody can find happiness. The reason, as Brazilians like to say, is because God is Brazilian!

This course will provide an experience of learning about business in the context of a developing economy. Brazil is the world's eight largest economy. It is home for some of the largest multinationals in the world and it is also an important market for international operations. This course is grounded on three axes: people, culture, and management. The kernel of the course is that business is context-situated activity. The visit to Brazil will provide the opportunity to understand the importance of the historical evolution and demographic distribution of the population in business opportunities, the importance of national and regional culture and institutions for the development business practices, and the role of management education and business training in the creation of for-profit and non-profit organizations.