Academic Procedures and Courses

Augustana's semesters are divided into Fall (September- Mid December) and Winter (January-April).  On occasion experiential courses are offered in the Spring or Summer as well.

Students at Augustana can take courses in a variety of disciplines all of which fit into the general categories of Fine Arts, Humanities, Science and Social Science

To look for courses you must use our interactive web-based service called Bear Tracks.  Follow these steps to look at courses:

  1. Go to Bear Tracks Login website
  2. Click on the "Guest Sign in" Button
  3. Use the drop down menu to choose a semester (Augustana mainly has courses in Fall and Winter)
  4. Use the new drop down menu named "course subject" to choose a subject you would like to study.

    Note: Courses must be labelled as an Augustana course. Courses not labeled as Augustana are at UAlberta's other campus' 1.5 hours away. Ex. "Augustana Faculty - Economics (AUECO)"

  5. Press search and look through your options

Courses found in the Calendar are not guaranteed to be offered every semester.  Students are expected to register in their courses after being accepted, however Augustana has great academic advisors that can help students who have difficulty with course selection.  If you are applying to Augustana please select courses that you are interested in, add them to the application form and once accepted our academic advisors will help you put them into Beartracks or find other courses that are similar.