Students studying at the University College of Southeast Norway (USN) have a number of different classes and programs the are approved to participate in.

For a full list of courses and programs please visit USN website HERE.

Bø campus:

Alpine Ecology

In this stream students learn about the alpine ecosystems in Scandinavia. The courses in this program are based on geological, climatological, historical, cultural and biological studies.  Several field trips will be organized as part of the courses.

Business Administration for Exchange Students

In this program, students will take business courses with an international focus, as well as courses in management and development.  A number of elective courses ensure that students broaden their knowledge of Scandinavia and the European market.

Scandinavian Studies in Telemark (Norwegian Literature, Language and Life)

This program normally attracts students from a wide variety of academic fields, some examples being: humanities, Norwegian language and social sciences. Courses taught in Norwegian for foreign students are also available through this program.

Outdoor Life and Ecophilosophy

The workshop principle, which is the foundation of these courses, allows students from a variety of cultural backgrounds to learn from one another.  By exploring Norwegian culture and society, students come to a better understanding of global cooperation.  This philosophy is reflected in the experiential learning done around orienteering, local environment, and physical education.


Students who wish to study courses outside of these four streams must have prior approval from the University of Alberta Registrar's Office.