Scandinavian Tour

Nation Building, National Identity and the Other in Scandinavia

This two-week study trip to Sweden, Finland and Norway will examine notions of nation building, national identity and the Other in the Nordic Region, focusing on the past two centuries. The fluidity of borders and movement of groups of people within and to and from this region will be key topics, and we will take special note of contemporary issues surrounding migration. We will draw on a number of perspectives and lenses—political, linguistic, historical, cultural, artistic, and geographic —while studying these themes, and we will visit a variety of sites, museums and institutes in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Oslo and Lillehammer which figure into discussions and notions of national identity and inclusion/exclusion. Students will explore a topic of special interest to them linked to the course themes and will present their research and findings to their classmates while on the trip. A three-day orientation session will take place on the Augustana Campus immediately before departure.