Arctic Canoe Expedition

This unique program provides students with the experience of a lifetime. Offered every 2nd year, students enrolled in Geography 341/342 (Geography of the Canadian North) and Physical Education 388 (Arctic Canoe Expedition) participate in geographical study, expedition planning, and a 3-week canoe trip to the Canadian North.

The program emphasizes interdisciplinary, experiential learning, by integrating aspects of:

  • physical geography
  • culture
  • history
  • leadership
  • minimal impacts
  • group dynamics, and
  • expedition planning.

Take a look at the gallery of past trips which have taken students down the Thelon, Mara/Burnside, Horton, Hood, Kuujjua, and Ellice/Hiukitak Rivers, with most ending at the Arctic Ocean.

Wildlife sightings include thousands of caribou, grizzly bears, musk oxen, wolves, wolverines, Gyrfalcons, and long-tailed jaegers.

The landscape has few trees, but wildflowers bloom with amazing colour during the trip.

Archeological sites recorded include grave sites, kayak stands, and tent rings.