Arctic Canoe Expedition

This unique program provides students with the experience of a lifetime. Offered every 2nd year, students enrolled in Physical Education 387 or Geography 341 (Geography of the Canadian North) and Physical Education 388 or Geography 343 (Arctic Canoe Expedition) participate in geographical study, expedition planning, and a 3-week canoe trip to the Canadian North.

The program emphasizes interdisciplinary, experiential learning, by integrating aspects of:

  • physical geography
  • culture
  • history
  • leadership
  • minimal impacts
  • group dynamics, and
  • expedition planning.

Take a look at the gallery of past trips which have taken students down the Thelon, Mara/Burnside, Horton, Hood, Kuujjua, and Ellice/Hiukitak Rivers, with most ending at the Arctic Ocean.

Wildlife sightings include thousands of caribou, grizzly bears, musk oxen, wolves, wolverines, Gyrfalcons, and long-tailed jaegers.

The landscape has few trees, but wildflowers bloom with amazing colour during the trip.

Archeological sites recorded include grave sites, kayak stands, and tent rings.