Students who participate in Arctic Course must have the prerequisite of AUPED 184 and one course in AUENV/AUGEO. Students will need to be registered in 6 credits: AUPED 388 or AUGEO 341 (arts) in the winter semester and AUPED 388 or AUGEO 343 in the spring semester. A student must complete the winter term seminar and the summer expedition to receive credit.

For outdoor education majors (including physical education or environmental studies streams) Arctic Course, along with Spring Course, satisfies the required expeditions for graduation.

Winter Term: 3 credits. One of AUPED 387 or AUGEO 341

Course Description: Study of the many factors involved in extended Arctic canoe expeditions.  The course uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore the biological, geographical, historical, and sociological aspects of the Canadian North.  A student has the opportunity to plan, prepare, and carry out an extended Arctic canoe expedition. 

Spring Term: 3 credits. One of PED 388 or GEO 343

Course Description: Examination of the biophysical environments, resources, economics, and settlements of northern regions of Canada. This course includes a three to four-week expedition to the north.

Note: Students participating in the above courses must be comfortable swimming in moving water.