Given the recent move to the New Augustana Calendar, there have been some important changes to AUPED 281 for the Winter 2019. 

We have created a packed 4 courses (12 credits) that includes AUPED 281 for the winter 11-week term. We have done this so that students can complete 12 credits during the term and not have to miss 2-3 week of their other courses while away on the expedition. The four courses are:

  • AUPED 281 Explorations of the Canadian North
  • AUIDS 286 Selected Topics in Place-Based Learning
  • AUHIS 369 History of Canada's Aboriginal People
  • AUPED 383 Programming and Processing the Adventure Experience (Optional)

Students accepted into AUPED 281 must also register for AUIDS 286 and AUHIS 369. Students may also register in AUPED 383 but is optional. Note, AUPED 383 has a prerequisite of AUPED 389.

In this course, students have the opportunity to develop self-awareness, enhance personal and group leadership skills, and study group dynamics. This course includes a 2½ week excursion to a homestead in the Northwest Territories where participants learn skills associated with advanced arctic survival, dog-sledding, and wilderness navigation. Students also study narratives of the North and are expected to develop their own narrative of their experience.