Introduction to Outdoor Ed. - AUPED 184/284


PED 184 and 284 is offered in every winter and fall semester, respectively. Each course includes one 5-day trip. There is no Mandatory Instructional Support Fee (MISF) charged for this course.

Regular University of Alberta tuition covers the following costs associated with the out-trips:

  • Return transportation to the out-trip locations
  • Various equipment for the out-trips including tents, canoes, and cat-hole shovels
  • Sufficient food for the two out-trips (personal snacks paid for by students)
  • Access to donated camping-appropriate clothing
  • Ongoing support and assistance from the leadership team


A list of suggested additional equipment & clothing will be provided by the instructor before the first out-trip. Some of the required equipment can be borrowed if necessary. Appropriate footwear is required.