Pre-Professional Studies


Students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in dentistry are provided with both an excellent learning environment and the required diverse pre-professional background while studying at Augustana. Augustana has a small student population producing relatively small class sizes. This allows students more direct interaction with their course instructors. Also, the core curriculum at Augustana provides all of our graduates with an exposure to the natural and social sciences, humanities, and the fine arts. Hence, pre-dental students from Augustana have the broad background necessary to treat a diverse public.

The nearest dental schools to Augustana are at the Universities of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan (U of A, UBC, and U of S, respectively). They require a minimum of 2 (U of A, U of S) or 3 (UBC) years of university study prior to admission (1 year = 30 credits). Augustana recommends, however, that a student complete an undergraduate degree first before applying to dental school. This will make the student's application competitive with other applicants who have undergraduate and even graduate degrees, as well as work-related experience in the health sciences.

Please note: Institutions reserve the right to change program requirements without notice. Students should therefore check directly with their school(s) of choice to receive a current program description and its requirements.

The typical admission requirements to most dental schools may be most easily met while pursuing a major in either Chemistry or Biology (and possibly a minor in the other). A dental aptitude test (DAT) must be completed before applying to dental school. Note that some dental schools recommend or require inorganic chemistry. Check the admission requirements of the dental school of your choice as the above is advice only. Dental schools reserve the right to alter their admission requirements without notice. Note that many dental schools require that at least one year of university studies be full time (30 cr).

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For More Information

For more information regarding an undergraduate pre-dentistry program, contact an Academic Advisor.

Requirements for admission to Augustana may be obtained from our Admissions Advisors.