Pre-Professional Studies


An undergraduate degree completed at Augustana has several advantages over degrees obtained from other post-secondary institutions. The greatest advantage is our ability to provide a smaller and more intimate learning environment which places students in closer contact with their instructors than is available at other institutions. Also, our liberal arts and sciences core curriculum ensures that students graduate with the broad academic background requested by most medical schools. At Augustana, premedical students graduate with significant exposure not only to the life sciences, but also to chemistry, the mathematical sciences, fine arts, humanities, and social sciences, all of which are required in Augustana's core curriculum.

Medical schools typically advise students to apply for admission in their final year of undergraduate university study. Although a student may apply after 2 years of university study, a completed degree will make the student's application more competitive. At Augustana, the typical requirements for medical school may be met within a 4-year major in Chemistry or Biology (the Cellular and Molecular Biology stream is recommended). Many medical schools require that at least one year of university studies contain 30 cr. Note that the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) must be completed before acceptance to medical school.

A student is advised to plan a premedical program such that the admission requirements of a number of medical schools are met. Please check the websites of the Med Schools you wish to apply to and contact your Academic Advisor when planning Augustana courses as Medicine pre-requisites.

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For More Information

For more information regarding an undergraduate pre-dentistry program, contact an Academic Advisor.

Requirements for admission to Augustana may be obtained from our Admissions Advisors.