Pre-Professional Studies


Augustana provides an excellent environment in which to pursue pre-optometry studies. Its relatively small student population produces small class sizes in which students are able to have more direct interaction with their professors than is possible at a larger institution.

The University of Waterloo (UW) has the only English-language school of optometry in Canada. It offers a four-year program leading to the Doctor of Optometry degree.  There are also many optometry schools in the United States, but, owing to the high tuition costs at most U.S. universities, many students find the high costs prohibitive.  Those who wish to study optometry elsewhere should check the admission requirements of the optometry school of their choice.

Please note: Institutions reserve the right to change program requirements without notice. Students should therefore check directly with their school(s) of choice to receive a current program description and its requirements.

In addition to the academic courses required or recommended for admission (and the applicant should be warned that very high grades on these courses are needed for admission), UW's School of Optometry requires the applicant to write the Optometry Admission Test (a standardized test covering the natural sciences, reading comprehension, and quantitative reasoning), and it has a number of non-academic requirements as well, including reference letters written on behalf of the applicant, an autobiographical sketch of the applicant, an essay written by the applicant, and possibly an interview with the applicant. More information regarding admission to UW's School of Optometry can be obtained from:

Augustana recommends that a student complete three years at Augustana before applying for admission to UW's School of Optometry. This would allow the student to complete the required and recommended courses, and it would also provide the student with an opportunity to develop some of the non-academic qualifications (such as interpersonal skills and community service) expected of optometry school applicants, qualifications that Augustana strives to develop in its students.

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For more information regarding an undergraduate pre-dentistry program, contact an Academic Advisor.

Requirements for admission to Augustana may be obtained from our Admissions Advisors.