Common Ground: Indigenous Peoples and Resource Development

Many Indigenous peoples globally are dealing with increasingly pressures of resource development in their ancestral homelands and are similarly experiencing adverse effects on their capacity to achieve food security, realize economic opportunities and ensure the continued health of environmental landscapes and resources that underpin identity and well-being. The proposal is intended to bring together Indigenous communities from Canada, the United States and Latin America in association with the International Association for the Study of the Commons to explore common ground on the following:

  • What are the dynamics and implications of increasing resource development and the privatization of indigenous commons?
  • How can Indigenous communities collaborative in educating the public about Indigenous belief systems, practices, rights and responsibilities for respecting the commons?
  • What are best practices for reclamation, reconciliation and stewardship of the commons?

Over a three day period (May 23-25) at the IASC Conference, representatives from ten Indigenous organizations will travel to Edmonton, Alberta to participate in a forum that includes: Day 1 - Traditional talking circles/round tables, Day 2 - semi-structured focus group discussions (on the above) and Day 3 - training workshops intended to impart how-to skills and expertise on key issues (e.g., land use and occupancy mapping, community-based monitoring, and the use of social media). Brenda Parlee is the Principle Investigator on this project.