Emerging Technologies

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies are expected to have a significant effect on the agriculture, health and manufacturing sectors that currently provide the economic base for Camrose, Alberta. This project will gather data from up businesses in Camrose, Alberta to ascertain: (a) the degree to which businesses are anticipating, planning and/or preparing for technology driven disruptions; (b) new and existing business models that business owners and managers predict will become the basis of the future rural economy; and (c) workforce reskilling needs that will that should be introduced into the current workforce.

Data revealed from this project will inform economic development offices and post-secondary institutions in collaboratively generating programming designed to improve business preparedness and workforce capacity, thereby improving the adaptability and resilience of the business environment. This project is in partnership with the City of Camrose and is funded through a grant from the Government of Alberta's Community and Regional Economic Support program.