University of Alberta School of Energy and the Environment

The University of Alberta's School of Energy and the Environment (SEE) is at the heart of an unprecedented approach to examining and solving key issues related to energy and the environment in today's rapidly changing world. The school brings together the university's unique and extensive combination of expertise in diverse areas - engineering, science, arts, agriculture, native studies, business, law, public health, medicine and others - in a virtual environment that conducts research, undertakes interdisciplinary education and cultivates and contributes to worldwide discussions on critical issues surround environment, energy and the economy.

University of Alberta Environmental Research and Studies Centre

Environmental Research and Studies Centre (ERSC) at the University of Alberta, has been in operation since 1990. Whereas the Centre was founded with the primary goal of fostering interdisciplinary research within the academy, the Centre and its current membership will take a lead in effecting meaningful change, locally, nationally, and internationally. This evolution is very much in keeping with the renewed emphasis of University administrators and governors on demonstrating the effects of research on public policy, applying new knowledge beyond the academy, and addressing global challenges. While maintaining its core strength - access to world-leading environmental science - ERSC strategy embraces strategic opportunities to engage students, staff, governments and the public to make real change.

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA)

The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association was founded in 1905 and represents Alberta's urban municipalities including cities, towns, villages, summer villages, and specialized municipalities. AUMA's mission is to provide leadership in advocating local government interests to all orders of government and other organizations.

University of Alberta Press

UAP makes a significant contribution to knowledge through the publication of scholarly books based on research undertaken at the University of Alberta and other research centres. In addition, they publish serious nonfiction, trade fiction and poetry and books of regional interest. The UAP has a history of supporting work related to the work of the ACSRC and the Augustana Campus.

Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

The Department is responsible for the management of programs designed to
facilitate the development of all components of the agriculture and food
industry, to sustain the natural resource base of the industry and to
encourage the development of rural communities.