Awards & Financial Aid

Augustana Faculty offers one of the most generous financial assistance programs in Western Canada, giving over $400,000 in scholarships, awards, and financial aid every year. Approximately 30% of Augustana Faculty students receive scholarships or awards in any given year.  Our students are also eligible to receive scholarships and bursaries through the Gold Standard Scholarships Program.

To apply for Augustana Faculty Awards, you will need to:

  1. Review the Awards available to you
  2. Complete the Augustana Application for Awards and Financial Aid.

Also, review the available External Awards which are not part of the Augustana Faculty Awards Program. Contact the award providers indicated for more details.

Any Augustana Faculty award may be funded in part or in full by named donor funding.


When your application has been submitted, and all the required supporting documentation has been received, your application will be reviewed and acknowledged.

Official notification will come from the Student Financial Support to your "" email address. Login to Bear Tracks to view & accept your awards.


If you have questions or concerns regarding Augustana Faculty Awards, please contact the Financial Aid and Awards Administrator.