What the OmbudService is not

The Augustana Campus Ombuds is focussed on students. We do not deal with problems that faculty and staff may have with the University. People looking for assistance in such disputes should go to their appropriate union, either NASA (for non-academic staff) or AASUA, (for academic staff, librarians, and APOs).

Ombudspersons are also not advocates - we will not pursue an argument or a case that benefits only one side in a dispute. We also, except in extraordinary circumstances, do not speak for the client - we are there to help you, not to replace you. If you are looking for someone to take on that role you may wish to consider Student Legal Services.

The Augustana Campus Ombuds does not deal with processes external to the University. If the complaint has gone to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, the courts, or the Alberta Department of Advanced Education, we can no longer be involved.