What the OmbudService is

Promoting Fairness at the U of A

The Augustana Campus Ombuds is a confidential service that strives to ensure that university processes related to students operate as fairly as possible. We offer information, advice, and support to students, faculty, and staff as they deal with academic, discipline, interpersonal, and financial issues related to student programs.

Ombudspersons are not advocates. We are neutral third parties in any dispute. When we act as advisor to one party in a problem, our goal is to find the best possible resolution within the rules of the University of Alberta.

When should you come and see us?

Ideally, you should consider coming to the Augustana Campus Ombuds as soon as you identify a problem and can't readily come up with a solution. Many problems become worse over time. Something that could have been resolved by getting some simple advice or talking to the right person may become difficult or even impossible to fix when left to too late. Most importantly, see us before deadlines have passed.