Reporting and Acting on Cases of Inappropriate Academic Behaviour: Option 2

Option 2: Process in which Instructor Does NOT Meet with Student

In cases of academic dishonesty where a significant amount/majority of a student's work is not their own and is not referenced at all, or where the student has partaken in any form of Inappropriate Academic Behaviour other than plagiarism (a summary of offences and their definitions is available here), instructors may find it most productive to bypass a personal meeting with the offending student, and instead send them directly to the Associate Dean, Academic (ADA). Note that in the Augustana Faculty, the ADA acts as delegate of the Dean in matters of inappropriate academic behaviour. This option is most suitable in situations where the instructor sees little or no value in allowing the student to resubmit the assignment with a penalty, or in meeting with the student before sending them to the ADA.

The Process

  1. Identify the nature of the violation, and decide whether the situation warrants a meeting between the offending student and the ADA, or if it can be resolved by meeting with the student personally through an instructor-led approach.

    Having trouble deciding which approach best suits the case?

  2. Contact the Associate Dean (Academic). If it is clear that the situation warrants a direct meeting between the student and the ADA, forward the case to the ADA. Inform the ADA of the nature of the offence, your planned approach, and the sanction you think best suits the circumstance. Fill out the Inappropriate Academic Behavior Reporting Form and submit it to the ADA.
  3. Contact the student. Inform the student that you have noted inappropriate academic behavior in their work, and that you are forwarding the case to the ADA, who will soon contact them to schedule a meeting. Inform the student that while they have a right to meet with you personally before meeting with the Associate Dean, it would essentially be a repetition of the meeting that is required with the ADA. Also inform the student that an ombudsperson is available to them should they so choose.

    Sample draft email

  4. Follow up with the ADA. After the ADA meets with the student, the ADA or the assistant will contact you and inform you of the disciplinary decision via a Google Doc shared with you. The ADA will file the offence and issue a letter to the student.

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