Reporting and Acting on Cases of Inappropriate Academic Behaviour

Option 3: Process in which Student Meets with Instructor AND Associate Dean Academic

In cases of academic dishonesty where a student has partaken in any form of Inappropriate Academic Behaviour, the student may choose to meet with both the instructor and the Associate Dean, Academic (ADA). This option is typically pursued at the student's request.

The Process:

  1. Identify the nature of the infraction, and choose which course of action you feel best suits the situation.
  2. Contact the student to set up a meeting to discuss the offense. During your meeting, inform the student that the ADA's assistant will be in touch with them to schedule a meeting, and that an Ombudsperson is available to them if they so choose. Tips on scheduling and carrying out the meeting are available here.

    Sample draft email

  3. Submit a report to the ADA. After meeting with and informing the student of the sanction, fill out the Inappropriate Academic Behavior Reporting Form, and submit it to the ADA. The ADA will then meet with the student, and make the final decision on the student's sanction.
  4. Follow up with the ADA. After the ADA meets with the student, the ADA or the assistant will contact you and inform you of the disciplinary decision via a Google Doc shared with you. The ADA will file the offence, communicate the decision with the Appeals Coordinator, and issue a letter to the student.

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