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Online Academic Advisement Report

The Academic Advisement Office Online Academic Advisement Report is available for students in their Bear Tracks account 24/7!

Steps to access your Online AAR in Bear Tracks

  • Log into Bear Tracks with your CCID & Password
  • From the left hand drop down menu choose : Academic Requirements and click on “Go”
  • The report will show up on screen, and you can click on “view as pdf” to print the report.

Things to remember:

  • EN = enrolled. You are registered in the course.
  • SC = course is in your Schedule Builder. You are NOT yet enrolled in the course.
  • TR = transfer (all non U of A courses show up this way)
  • In the version you see on the screen, it will show you all of the options for each category of the Core. You will have to scroll through them all, or view the pdf to see which ones you have completed in that category.
  • The courses underlined in blue on the screen version are hyperlinks. You can click on them to see course information, such as description, pre and co-requisites.
  • If a requirement is closed, it is satisfied or completed. If it is open, there is still something to complete in that section.
  • The Augustana Core may have all the categories rolled up as if they are satisfied and yet the Augustana Core itself indicates that it’s not satisfied. This is because not all of the individual categories are necessary however the total units for the CORE are not satisfied.
  • When there is more than one active program, program, requirements for both will be displayed on the AAR. This can be especially confusing for the newly admitted 1st year students since they may be admitted to all 3 of their choices of program. Or for continuing students that are changing from an Augustana BA to an Augustana BSc program.
  • The ‘What-If’ feature is handy if you are wanting to know how your courses would fit into a double major, or addition of a minor, or changing from an Augustana BA to an Augustana BSc program for example. The drop down list for the Academic Program is currently confusing and work is being done to fix this. It won’t be done at the start of March, so stay-tuned. More information will be provided on the uses at the workshops in March.
  • As you will noticed from the note at the top of your report: “The Academic Advisement Report is a status report designed to assist you in determining your progress toward the completion of the requirements for your program; it is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your Academic Advisor.”


How to Build your Draft Schedule

Search for your courses:

You can put courses in the Schedule Builder from either My Planner, or using the Class Search function in Bear Tracks.

To Search:

  • Use the "Search for Classes" feature to search the Schedule of Classes for a term: Home → Search / Search for Classes.
  • Once you select the term, use the Basic Search or Advanced Search feature to enter your search criteria, which will open up in the Search Results page. Remember: Augustana Courses being with AU and are grouped together in the drop-down menu.
  • You can search using the Course Subject (i.e. AUART, AUBIO, etc.), or Course Number (i.e. 101, 103, etc). TIP: by entering in just a "1", you can see all the available 100-level courses in a particular term.
  • Don't worry about filling in the rest of the boxes. Click on "Search" to view your results.
  • The Search Results page provides details on the days, times, and location of classes. Make sure to check the "Class Notes" for:
    • any course restrictions
    • pre- or co-requisites
    • the need for departmental consent
    • auto-enroll information
    • non-standard teaching dates
  • If there are more than one section of a class, write down all available options. Make sure to include any additional lab sections required as well. You will use this information in the event of a time conflict with Schedule Builder.

Build Your Timetable:

Use the Schedule Builder feature in Bear Tracks to create a conflict-free draft timetable - even before your Enrolment Date. You will also use Schedule Builder to register in your courses after your enrolment date.

To add classes to Schedule Builder:
  • Select the Term for which you would like to add classes. Click "Continue".
  • Find a class to add through Class Search or My Planner. Select the class section using the corresponding button, and then click the "Schedule Builder" button.
  • If the class requires you to add related components (i.e. Chem labs, A/B sections, etc.) you will be prompted to select the one you want.
To validate your schedule:
  • Select one or all of your classes in Schedule Builder by clicking the check boxes beside the classes.
  • Click the "Validate" button. This will ensure that you meet all course restrictions, prerequisites, etc.
  • Review the message(s). If you need to make changes, you can do so in Schedule Builder.