Fall Timeline

June 30
Student Accessibility Services

Apply for grant funding for Students with Permanent Disabilities (Contact the Student Accessibility & Success Advisor).

August 1

Residence Application Deadline for guaranteed residence.

Residence Cancellation Refund Deadline. Cancellations of Residence Applications after this date are not eligible for refunds.

August 15

Ensure third-party funding is in place for tuition and books for Indigenous Students (Indigenous Student Services).

August 20-21

International Student Move In Days

August 22

Indigenous Student Move In Day

August 22-23

International Student Orientation

August 23

Indigenous Student Orientation

August 25

Residences open / Move-In Day.

August 26

Welcome Day and Opening Convocation

August 27

First Year Seminar begins.

August 29
Student Accessibility Services

Provide professors with a Letter of Accommodation from Student Accessibility Services for the 3-week term.

Creating a Culture of Consent

Dr. Keith Edwards

Music Festival and Beer Gardens

5 - 10 PM, Augustana Quad

Athlete Orientation

Dates TBA

First day of 3 week term for returning students

August 31
Accessibility Resources

Book Exams with Accessibility Resources and request note-takers for 3-week term.

Sept. 5

Barnga and Blanket Exercise. No FYS classes.

Sept. 8

Neighbourhood Association Welcome BBQ

Sept. 11

It's All 4 U (concurrent workshops). No FYS classes.

Sept. 17

Last day of FYS. Reflection assignments due.

Sept. 23

First day of 11 week semester