Useful conversations

Below is a list of potentially useful conversations to have before Move-In Day


  • Who is paying for what?
  • What financing (scholarships, student loans, employment income…) is available?
  • What is the budget for the year?


  • What expectations do parents have?
  • What is the student comfortable with?
  • When is the student planning to go home to visit?
  • When are the parents planning to visit the campus?
  • What information about grades will the student share?

Health and Wellness

Medical Care

  • Prescriptions?
  • Allergies and/or disease management?
  • Family doctor?
  • Medical insurance?
  • Substance use
  • Healthy relationships: Boundaries and safety;

Mental health

  • How does the student deal with stress?
  • What are some signs that parents see when their son/daughter is struggling?