Writing Centre

What We Offer

  • Asynchronous feedback and advice on any sort of writing projects / assignments
  • Synchronous online consultations with a tutor (30 minutes) by appointment

How to Use the Writing Centre

Send an email to augwrite@ualberta.ca requesting help with a writing assignment.

  • Tell us what you would like help with (or simply send a request for help).
  • You may attach a draft of your writing project or assignment in the form of a Google Doc
    or an MS Word document.
  • A tutor will contact you, offering either
    • Asynchronous feedback on your assignment
      • For Google Docs we will give feedback using the “suggesting” and “add
        comment” features
      • For MS Word documents we will give feedback using the “track changes”
    • A synchronous online meeting using feedback on your assignment that will be
      scheduled at a time convenient to you and your tutor.
      • Google Docs must be used in this case to allow both tutor and student
        simultaneous access to the document.


Please be aware that the Writing Centre does not provide editorial services; rather, it offers
feedback in the form of suggestions, comments and encouragement intended to get students to
develop their writing skills over the long term.