Aboriginal Student Office

Aboriginal Engagement Committee

Since January of 2013, the Aboriginal Engagement Committee has been meeting to champion, promote, and support initiatives aimed at fostering greater Aboriginal student participation and engagement on campus. It also aims to help develop strong campus-community relationships with various members of Canada’s First Nations, Inuit, and Métis populations.

The Committee is meant to advise the Dean as well as all members of the campus in their decisions when they affect Aboriginal students and communities. It also hopes to serve as a bridge between the campus community and neighbouring First Nations and Métis communities.

Current members

  • Allen Berger, Dean
  • Megan Caldwell, Acting Aboriginal Student Advisor 
  • Petra Cegielny, Aboriginal Student Advisor (on leave)
  • Michael Clermont, Project Coordinator, Facilities and Operations
  • Trina Harrison, Alumni & Special Events Coordinator
  • Sean Moore, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Seannah Rose, current student
  • Daniel Sims, Assistant Professor, History and Chair of the Committee

Your questions and comments are very much welcome! Please write to the chair of the committee, Daniel Sims (dcsims@ualberta.ca)

Our activities

Because we want all members of our communities to be aware of our activities and to take part in them, we are sharing as much information as possible. Here, as in the ASA's offices and outside the Aboriginal Students Office, you can find the agendas and minutes for our meetings, explaining our discussions.

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