Aboriginal Student Office

Multi-Faith Prayer Room

Aboriginal students asked for a place to smudge on campus during conversations regarding the design of Wahkohtowin Lodge. The recent renovation of the Multi-Faith Prayer Room for students wishing to smudge is a response to those requests.

Students and staff from all faith backgrounds are invited to access Augustana’s Multi-Faith Prayer Room. This safe, quiet and sacred space is available throughout the year for smudge, prayer, meditation, and contemplation, or as a space to “just be”.

The Multi-Faith Prayer Room is located in room 1-350B in the Faith & Life Lounge, west of the glass doors that enter the Chapel. This room is accessible during regular campus hours by 2 doors – one leading in from the Faith & Life Lounge and one leading in from the Chapel.

A fan has been installed and traditional medicines, sage and sweetgrass, will be on-hand for students to use.

Students wishing to smudge in Residence at move-in, at other times or for special occasions are asked to contact Veronika Deliyannakis, Residence Coordinator at deliyann@ualberta.ca in order to make arrangements.

More information about Augustana’s Smudging Policy is available online here.