Chaplains Welcome

Student chaplains greeting First Year students on move in dayWelcome to Augustana!

Have you considered questions like what would it mean for me to live a worthwhile life?, what really matters?, or how can I can make a difference in the world?
When you were first exploring the possibility of coming to Augustana, you probably heard something about the Augustana Experience. Because of the small, intimate nature of our campus, Augustana has a way of shaping people's lives. Augustana hopes to do more than fill your brain with knowledge and ideas; it also wants to accompany you on your journey of personal wholeness and to work with you as you ask the questions like the ones above.
When you first heard about the chaplaincy program at Augustana, a wide variety of thoughts may have come to mind all the way from "I am really, really sure that Chaplaincy has absolutely nothing to do with me" to "Where can I sign up?". Whatever your initial thoughts, we invite you to be open to what Chaplaincy really has to offer because Chaplaincy is a partner in Augustana's mission of wholeness.
Augustana Chaplaincy is rooted in the Lutheran tradition of the Christian faith. Our particular identity, rather than being exclusive, helps us to be more inclusive because we believe that God in Christ is up to something really big in the world -- the mending of the entire creation. Rather than divide life or the world, or worse yet, people into the holy or the unholy, we believe that wherever wholeness is happening, God is present and we are called to celebrate, support and encourage that wholeness. While Chaplaincy does provide a place of Christian community, students of all faiths and those with no faith background are welcome to be a part of and contribute to the chaplaincy program.
Augustana Chaplaincy does not pretend to have all the answers to life's big questions but we do offer opportunities for learning, community building, service, worship, and pastoral care where you can ask questions and experiment with what it means to live fully and joyfully.
You are welcome to make Chaplaincy a part of your Augustana Experience.