Giving to Chaplaincy

Those who value the ministry aspect of Augustana have an exciting new opportunity. No longer having to pay for lights and test tubes, roof repairs, bricks and mortar, supporters can now focus their gifts towards the ministry of chaplaincy.

Under the agreement with the U of A, the Council must pay 1/3 of the chaplain's salary, all of the student chaplains' bursaries, and all programming costs. This will be about $45,000 per year with a need to grow a bit each year as the program grows. With your support this is an attainable goal.

Augustana chaplaincy is renewed, reinvigorated, and vital to the quality of the Augustana experience we all treasure. Supporters of the university have been blessed with a unique opportunity. Please join us in making the most of this opportunity to serve God, our young people and our church.

If you would like to provide a gift to Augustana Chaplaincy, a Giving Form is available in PDF format. Just click on the link below, download or print the form, and send it along with your donation to our postal address.

Thank you for supporting Augustana Chaplaincy!

Ways to give

Online giving form...

Please note: This a generic form for giving to Augustana.  If you wish your donation to go to Augustana Chaplaincy, please ensure your donation amount is beside "Augustana Chaplaincy Annual Fund"

Giving Form (PDF)

Postal address:

Augustana Chaplaincy
Augustana Campus, University of Alberta
4901 - 46 Avenue
Camrose Alberta
T4V 2R3