Relationships and Associations

The position of Augustana Chaplain has been established as a partnership between the University of Alberta, through Augustana, and the Synod of Alberta and the Territories of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, through a local chaplaincy council established in accordance with Synod policy and procedures.

The Chaplain is called by the Synod and the Council is accountable to the Synod through the Synod Campus Ministry Committee. On the Augustana Campus, Chaplaincy is accountable to the Dean's Office through the Executive Director of Student Life.

The Chaplain, under the terms of the Secondment Agreement with the University of Alberta, teaches in Religious Studies and has membership in Augustana's Humanities Department and Augustana's Faculty Council. In addition, Augustana Chaplaincy is a member of the University of Alberta Interfaith Chaplains' Association (UAICA) and all activities are carried out in compliance with the UAICA code of conduct.