Summer Policies

Community Standards

All Community standards normally in place during the academic year are in effect for the summer. Citations may be issued by Conference Services Staff, UofA Protective Services, Residence Services staff and Facilities and Operations staff.

Campus Services

During the summer months, many offices have reduced office hours or maybe closed for periods of time due to vacation leaves.

Mail Service

You must notify the switchboard located in Founder's Hall if you want your mail retained for pickup. The switchboard is open 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday, it is closed on holidays and weekends. Please collect your mail at least twice per week as space is limited at the switchboard. If mail is left longer than two weeks, it will be returned to sender.


Parking is permitted in lots P1 or P5. Do not park in the ravine circle, visitor parking or loading zones. Violators will be towed at the owners expense.

Residence Internet

Guest UWS is included in Residence Fees.


You share a bathroom with one other room. Please make sure you unlock the privacy lock located on the door to the other room when you are not using the bathroom, otherwise the people in the other room cannot use the facilities. You must supply your own toilet paper.

Repairs and after-hours lock-outs

Please contact Conference Services if you need repairs done in your room or if you have been locked out of your room or residence. An on-call number will be provided to you at check-in.


Laundry Machines are located in the Dish and require the use of a ONECard. If you do not have a University of Alberta student ONECard, you can order a BASIC Card from Conference Services.

Kitchen Facilities

A small kitchenette and refrigerator is located on your floor. Please clean up after every use and empty garbage every day. Label your food in the refrigerator. The University is not responsible for lost or stolen food. Do not leave cooking food unattended or place hot pots or utensils on the counter, floor, tables or carpet without first using a heat resistant pot holder.

Cooking in Rooms

The use of any appliance with open elements is strictly prohibited as this presents a significant fire hazard (for example; toasters, toaster ovens and hotplates). Microwaves, kettles & hotpots with enclosed elements, and small refrigerators are permitted.


A lounge is located on your floor. Lounges on any other floor of the building you live in are not to be used as they are cleaned only once after each rental group and therefore must be neat and tidy for the next group's arrival.


Residents are responsible for keeping the lounge, kitchen and hallways clean and tidy. Failure to do so will result in cleaning charges added to residents' accounts. The University will provide weekly cleaning to the common areas. Students are responsible to clean their own rooms and bathrooms.


You are responsible for your guests' conduct at all times. Guests may stay a maximum of 3 consecutive nights and no more than a total of 10 nights for the term (May to August). Guests must register with Conference Services.

Rental Groups

Augustana has a conference program and vacant rooms in your building may be rented out to short-term guests. Please treat guests to the University with respect. If you have difficulties with any of our guests, please contact Conference Services Staff immediately.

Keys and Building Security

You will be issued a key for your room and one for the main entrance to the building. The building is to remain locked at all times.